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Also it's just a personal blog and sometimes I'll post some comments about some... mainstream albums too. Not that it will bring anything to the billions of posts or reviews already written about such album, but just because it's a blog about music I like a lot and I just want share it, or at least share it potentially ... lost in the world wide web but ready to be shared. :-D

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Best" Albums of year... 2012

If I understood well the social conventions relative to music blogs there's a lot of freedom but one mandatory exercise, to make a list of "best" albums of the year before the end of the year. At first I planed cheat a little and make a list of the year 2013 - 1, but I gave up the idea.

This post is the result of this failed plan, I'm not sure how explain why I post this. Clearly the original "best of" lists of the end of the year are a (pointless) game, but one year later it looks as pointless but just pretentious like the definitive and polished list of the best albums of a year. So nope it's also a pointless game just with different rules, so it's just a list. At least you could use it to pinpoint better my preferences if you bother do it.

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