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Friday, November 1, 2013

Benkes - 2012 EP Collection (Unofficial Release, 2013)

Benkes released four EP in 2012, but I discovered them only at beginning of 2013, firstly the two released through bandcamp ie Amazon Tape and Benkes EP, and few after two other that was available as free download through last.fm ie Limão Session and Home Alone.

I listened them mostly only as a whole in their release order. It's been a musical shock and I'm still totally amazed by this collection of tracks. I asked Benkes if he could released them as an album, he was agree but wanted re edit them but he was busy in another musical adventure he had started, Boogarins, I posted in the blog some comments on their first album. I finally gave up wait and didn't want disturb his focus on his new adventure, so I made myself this collection. Clearly it's very unofficial stuff but those four EP are available for free download, two on Benkes bancamp page, and two on Benkes last.fm page. For the collection I didn't used one track from Limão Session, I tried equalize approximatively their sound level recording so they fit well together, and I choose an order for the tracks. But it's basically the tracks of those four 2012 EP.

It doesn't matter that it's material from four different EP nor that it was four different recording and producing sessions, they merge very well together. It could be a lost tape from the 60's and from a group that recorded under acid multiples sound tracks and few days after took the material and crafted it to produce an alien psychedelic pop album with a large dose of Garage spirit and good amount of smiles. It's clearly music made with a lot smiles, humor transposed in music, even if in the end it's a deadly serious music... with a lot of winks and smiles. Most tracks are insanely catchy if you can bear the weirdness and the humor. This music benefits of a careful listening, and a headphone is certainly the best choice to enjoy all the work on the details. Anyway, it's (now) an amazing (unofficial) album of modern Psychedelic made with the spirit of the most ambitious 60's Psychedelic.

To listen: It's unofficial stuff, so try this 130k vbr preview.
To support the artists: Buy the Boogarins album in vinyl, CD, or digital at Other Music, or at Fat Possum. And the cassette at Burger.

Where all of this is going if nobody buy the music? Be fair, buy the music you like dig.

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