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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eets Feats - Trash From Our Lips (Aye Aye Aye, 2013)

It seems their production choice and material used pushed them to record at a very low level, but that sort of music can only be listen LOUD. So to be able to enjoy you'll need increase quite a lot the sound volume to listen this album.

That second album of the band is quite different than the first, it is much more focused on speed, energy and a compact orchestration on most tracks. The dense aspect and the constant pressure throughout the album reminded me the Ex-Cult first album that I commented in the blog. But it's also quite different, the vocals are more abrupt and crude, it's faster, and it's not at all the same sound. Unlike the Ex-Cult album this album doesn't use noise or fuzz, there's only a bit of saturation on vocals and not on all tracks.

Even if the instruments are rather clear and could be heard distinctly, the massive orchestration produce a sort of noise feeling, or at least it makes noise. :-) This feeling is increased by the speed as most tracks are quite fast. The bass also contributes to this massive feeling through a noteworthy role on many tracks by being almost in front and sometimes by doubling a guitar.

It's a brutal album because of its speed, the rude vocals, and the compact orchestration. The strange choice to avoid use noise or fuzz gives it a distinct color for that sort of album. For sure it could have benefit of a bit more subtlety including in the vocals. But with some listening care you can capture the variations between the tracks, and also like the Ex-Cult first album, when you listen more the album the differences between the tracks become more obvious. Anyway the main point is it's a fun blitz assault with no piety, no prisoner, and that makes it great.

To listen: Band's bandcamp page. Or 130k vbr preview.
To support the artists: Buy the cassette at Aye Aye Aye. or the digital at Band's bandcamp page.

Where all of this is going if nobody buy the music? Be fair, buy the music you like dig.

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