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Monday, November 4, 2013

Big French - Downtown Runnin (Wharf Cat, 2013)

I didn't noticed this album at its release, but thankfully the band released in September through ORS Tapes the Would Not Try EP on cassette and digital. That new release allowed me noticed this album. For the anecdote there's some links with Blanche Blanche Blanche for which I put some comment on their album Wooden Ball released at beginning of the year. Zach Phillips plays keyboards and the album is released by the same label that will release on 5th November the new Blanche Blanche Blanche album, Breaking Mirrors. The two bands also share clear musical ambitions and albums with many short tracks. But the music is totally different.

The singer use many different type of voices and all are rather strange if not weird. If you consider the voice as another instrument this bizarre approach is just an interesting and fascinating musical exploration of vocals. That's how I listen this album and if the first listening was a bit disconcerting, I quickly found this quite appealing. It's a major element of this album so if you can't go over this you'll get blocked at the door entrance of this album. Eventually to discover the band you could try first the Would Not Try EP. It's a smart selection of two tracks of the album and demo version of two tracks of the album. It's still quite bizarre but it doesn't produce the same weirdness chock that could produce the first listening of the album.

The vocals are quite diverse and they do an exploration around Pop weirdness and dissonance, but if you enter in it it's strangely very appealing and easy to listen. The instruments build a layer more aggressive and more Rock. Both use strange or uncommon sounds and dissonances but the vocals much more than the instruments. The dissonance games are most often light but are also often merged with weirdness or strangeness. That produces a strange feeling of not identifying clearly when it's real dissonance or when it's more strangeness but not dissonances. The whole is very dynamic, between Pop and Rock, a little bizarre but very catchy. That doesn't evoke at all the color of 60's Psychedelic, but the approach definitely evokes it from the point of view or merging weirdness and strangeness into music. It's a great impressive album, time could even makes it a classic (or not), but clearly it's not stuff for all ears.

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