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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sapin - One, Two, Tree, Four! (Azbin, 2013)

It's a short EP of four tracks, the first release from this French group. It's very good Garage Rock with an excellent abuse of hooks and even if there's several echoes from stuff you can have the feeling to know, there's also good tricks more uncommon and the whole mixture isn't common stuff.

The sound color isn't very dirt but instead is quite rude, it's like Noise Rock without the noise and morphed into Garage Rock with ton of hooks and some funny games with sounds. It's a very good brutal and catchy Garage Rock EP.

To listen: Azbin label bandcamp page. Or 135k vbr preview.
To support the artists: Buy the vinyl EP or the digital.

Where all of this is going if nobody buy the music? Be fair, buy the music you like dig.

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