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Friday, May 10, 2013

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Enter The Coven (Cool Tapes, 2013)

Waylon Thornton has released many albums and EP since few years, I discovered him through the No Chew No Rip EP which is an amazing furious Garage Rock EP playing on excess of enthusiasm and on a delicate balance between control and lost of control, both for the vocals and the instruments. But I have to admit that I get lost by weaker releases that followed and by the amount of previous releases that discouraged me.

It's tempting to give up on some artists because they release too much and too often. It's very hard to enter in such universe, and it's even harder to follow. But the point isn't that this LP is by Waylon Thornton the man of 1000 releases. The point is it's just a great LP and no need to try others Waylon releases to enjoy this one fully, and if you want try one this one is the one to try.

Through that album Waylon and his band reach another level, not only there's only very good tracks, but also the LP has a personal style, it has a good diversity, and the tracks are more sophisticated, there's particularly a more intense and more interesting work on the sounds. The result is a high-tension Garage Psychedelic album played with extreme passion, the work on sounds is a bit hidden by the energy and the Lo Fi, but it just requires some attention to details to enjoy this fully. Don't let you intimidate by the discography size of Waylon Thornton, that's a great album of Garage Psychedelic.

In fact after six careful listening I have the felling that it's a classic, it's like I have put my hands on something like Raw Power, not the style but the dimension. Every element is great and together they build a synergy to achieve something not only amazing but archetypal. Moreover, myself I never heard an album with this approach and reaching the same dimension, huge. :-)

It's a "choose your price" download at bandcamp, so don't hesitate to put 0 for a free download.

To support the artists you can buy the the cassette or the digital album at the price you want at the band's bandcamp page.

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