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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

White Reaper - White Aura (Self Release, 2012)

That big EP with eight tracks is the first of the band, it's an aggressive Noise Rock merged with a ton of hooks coming from various horizons, including Garage Rock, Punk, or even Rock. The merge is excellently done and gives a good originality to the whole.  The cumulation of hooks is also excellent and makes this EP very catchy. The fast Noise Rock makes it brutal and gives it an excellent urgency, it's a tornado!

It's a very fun EP if you can bear the Noise Rock aggressiveness. It's not at all Shoegaze because there isn't the main standard tricks of Shoegaze like playing with textures and noise walls, and it replaces the Pop hooks by other hooks more linked to genres that are less Pop, like Garage Rock, Punk or Rock.

The sound level recording of this EP is very low, like many other albums or EP commented in this blog. It's quite important to adjust the sound level and increase it quite a lot to makes it at a level on par with the average current production. I'm using iTunes that allows setup a sound level increase for any mp3 and it keeps the setup. Even at the maximum it's not enough to be on par with contemporary production, and some other albums or EP commented in this blog has also this problem. So I used the ability to define a special tuning setup mainly increasing the sound level and I use it for that sort of EP and album, that most often are self production with simple recording tools. And thanks, itunes also remember this setup for each mp3.

Anyway, it's a noisy garagy loudy tornado full of perverse hooks! It's juicy, catchy, funny, and there's no piety and no prisoners! :-)

It's a "choose your price" download at bandcamp, so don't hesitate to put 0 for a free download.

To support the artists you can buy the digital EP at the price you want at the band's bandcamp page. But also the Earthbound label will release soon a vinyl of the band, the Conspirator/The Cut 7" that you can preorder at bigcartel Earthbound label page.

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