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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

X-Ray Fiends - X-Ray Fiends (Sound Recordings, 2013)

It's the first album of this New Zealand band, they had released previously an EP in 2011 and a single at beginning of 2013. It's an album between Punk and Garage but with an orchestration and play between the instruments which isn't usual in these two genres, and it's also an element quite different than in the single released at the beginning of the year. The singing is varied but is always very punk and uses various kinds of Punk singing. The Lo Fi and direct aspects plus few hooks remind Garage.

The Punk singing is very good and diversified, and compositions are quite good, but it's the orchestration and the work on the instruments (guitars, bass and battery, and even keyboard on some track) that gives most of its salt to this album. It's varied, interesting, sometimes with tones not common.

During the first listening it seemed to me to be a nice album but not more, but with more listening I'm completely stuck and now I like very much this album. It's very good Punk singing, very good Punk Rock compositions, cool Lo Fi and direct approach of Garage, very interesting orchestration and excellent work on instruments and play between them. It's great stuff.

It's a "choose your price" download at bandcamp, so don't hesitate to put 0 for a free download.

To support the artists you can buy the vinyl at the Sound Recordings label, or the digital album at the price you want at the band's bandcamp page.

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