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Saturday, March 23, 2013

1400 Points De Suture - Baisse Les Yeux (No Way Asso, 2012)

It's the third album of this French band, in every album the music genre changes, but there is a common point, to make music without taking themselves seriously and use a horror theme if not a bit gore. With this new album if the spirit is still there, on the other hand the music is much less frenzy, but it's not a bad thing. :-) The instruments setup a solid base on which the vocals are much more audacious, it's from tenebrous singing to various modulated growls and few shouts, all of this is supposed to represent some monsters or some dark character. This setup is a bit delirious but the result is surprisingly coherent. It's not really frightening, more probably it will make you smile, but the important is that musically it's very interesting, coherent, strange but effective and uncommon.

For the music genre it's rather diverse and depends of the track, massive Alternative Rock without being Metal, rounded Industrial, influenced by music of horror movies, between Punk and Hardcore, sort of Doom Punk, and some other variations. It's amazing that all this mic mac remains totally coherent, the album has a very strong unity and its style could be powerful tenebrous Alternative Rock. This album is a bit delirious but the result is a brilliant masterstroke.

You can buy the vinyl LP to the No Way Asso label, or the digital is a "pay the price you want" on Seb Normal bandcamp page, he is the drummer of this band and of many other like The Feeling of Love. You can download it for free at this bandcamp page, set 0 to the price for a free download or any price you want to support the artists.

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