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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blackmail - Bones (Yuk-Fü, 2013)

This group is not the German Indie Rock band of the same name whose first album was released in 1997. That Bones album is the first by a French band composed of members from various bands, Bosco, Prototypes and Beat Mark.

It's Garage Rock made with Electro disguised behind sounds crafted to make them scrambled and dirty. This gives a more natural sound color and makes it much less Electro. It's clearly in the footsteps of Suicide but unlike them avoid being too repetitive and the sound palette used is totally different. This isn't Garage Rock Electro like does Nice Face, in this Bones album the Electro isn't put in front but is just a tool to make Garage Rock with a style shift. Generally I do not like Electro sounds but there thanks to the excellent work on the sounds and dirt, that is very pleasing to my ears. It's an excellent album of singular Garage Rock.

Buying it seems not easy, myself I ordered it to the Yuk-Fü label. You can check how to buy it here, there's a digital version, or for a CD version you'll need email them and then you will be able to pay with Paypal or by sending them a mail with the payment. The limited vinyl version should be released soon by Malditos Records. If the Label warn me when this vinyl version will be released and where buy it, I'll post the information in the blog. You can listen it with the full album streaming on SoundCloud or here for preview if SoundCloud is a problem for you.

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