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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Protomartyr - No Passion All Technique (Urinal Cake, 2012 Repress 2013)

This album was released on vinyl at end of November 2012 but it was sold out too fast so the label made a repress of the vinyl the 19 March 2013. It has influences coming from the 80s Punk and Punk Hardcore, which both strongly influenced the 90s. But it's not at all a clone of anything, and it's Post Punk but not Punk or Hardcore whose are only influences transposed in Post Punk.

During the first listening I was intrigued but also bothered by the singing seeming to me to be lacking passion. However by listening more this album, I realized that it was a false impression. The singer diversifies his singing and his voice a lot, and certain types of singings and voices give the impression that the voice is forced. This gives a strange impression which can appear as a lack of passion. However this strange aspect becomes an originality after several listening.

In fact the singer uses many types of singings and voices, often during the same track. And he uses many different types of shouted singings and other types of singings that don't seem forced. After some listening, the work of the singer on the vocal becomes an originality and a central strength of the album.

But the vocal aren't the only key point of this album, compositions and instruments also make a very interesting, varied, not common work, and very effective. It's a creative and very good Post Punk close to the Punk and with 80s Hardcore influences. It's an excellent and singular album a bit outside its time but it gives it originality.

To listen: Streaming sites like Deezer, Rdio or Spotify. Or 115k vbr v6 preview.
To support the artists: Buy the vinyl LP at Urinal Cake label, there's also a digital version but I haven't found many places, only Midheaven and iTunes.

Where all of this is going if nobody buy the music? Be fair, buy the music you like dig.