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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Norvins - Yoga With Mona (Soundflat, 2011)

Imagine Graham Parker who would make a vintage Punk album with a Ska-Punk spirit but not really Ska. No need to imagine, you just need listen this second album of The Norvins. :-) The voice of the singer reminds Graham Parker, particularly on his best album, Graham Parker & The Rumour - The Up Escalator (1980). It's not an identical voice but there is the same singular mixture of a voice at the same time a little brutal, a bit velvety and hot, with fewer variations but more brutality for the singer of The Norvins. Those two bands has also the same modest efficiency, they do an excellent work with a certain originality but without trying to get noticed.

It's the second album of this French band, the first album was already very nice but with this Yoga With Mona album the band makes a big step forward. This progress comes from numerous improvements, the singing is more striking and more effective, the work on the style and the sound colors is more asserted and interesting, and the compositions are generally better.

The vintage aspect comes from a work on the sounds but especially from the use of keyboards from another time. The beginning of the album is a series of red-hot tracks, it's stunning but the best follows when the band makes more differentiated tracks and experiments and diversifies more the tones and structures of the tracks. An album that seems unpretentious but which in the end is rather singular and has an assertive style, it's intoxicating as an excellent old wine.

To support the artists you can buy the LP or CD at the Soundflat label shop site. The digital is also available at the various standard places. You can listen the album through various Streaming sites, I noticed Deezer, Rdio and Spotify. Or you can preview it here but it's only a quality a bit better than standard streaming, and be fair, if you like dig it, support the artists and don't forget buy the album. For more information you can check the Band's page.

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