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Friday, March 22, 2013

Otomo - Big Little Things (Self Release, 2012)

This Spanish group had already released an EP and an album both well-made. But with the mini album "Big Little Things" the group makes a step forward. In this mini album the group shows more boldness with more complex structures which evolve more. Sounds are more worked and there are more superimposed musical layers, this makes the music richer and more interesting. The music is also more dynamic and more nervous and that's more catchy.

The music genre is difficult to qualify, there is Electro but also guitars and battery. The group qualifies its music of experimental Post Rock. The experimental aspect is undeniable in the structures of the tracks but it's very moderate by many very catchy elements. The Post Rock aspect isn't obvious because it is different from what we usually hear in this genre, here no long tracks, no long rise and other classic tricks in this genre. In fact it's instrumental music and it's also a sort of Math Rock which uses very few of the usual clichés of this genre. Anyway it's an excellent mini album, catchy, interesting and with a certain musical ambition.

It's free download at Bandcamp as are the previous releases.

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