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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Love Cop - Eat Yr Heart Out (Gnar, 2013)

It's an album of bizarre Pop Garage mixing very attractive sounds and melodies with oddities and dirt. There's a deep work on sounds and textures, dirty, vibrating, shady or other, it gives a color very Garage to this Pop. It's also Shoegaze without aggressive Noise which is replaced by a work on the dirty sounds, without sound walls which are replaced by games with textures, and without Dream Pop which is replaced by a Pop more diverse and several times strange.

This album has a certain relationship with the excellent little known album, Para Siempre - Witch Doctor (demo) released in 2012. This Para Siempre's album proposes also a Shoegaze with a deep work on sounds and textures and without using an aggressive Noise. However the album Eat Yr Heart Out is more finished with more depth and diversity, the singing is more mature and more varied, the compositions focus more on the strange aspects, and it's a bigger shift from more classical Shoegaze.

This second album of Love Cop, both released in 2013, is a magnificent album, very disturbing but fascinating the first listening, then along more listening it becomes more easily accessible with however a deep work on the sounds which makes it a kind of strange Shoegaze Garage, even after several listening.

You can buy the cassette to the Gnar Tape label. And you can buy the digital on label bandcamp page. You can listen about half of the tracks at bandcamp, or you can listen the full album here for preview only, but with a quality only a bit better than standard streaming quality. And please, if you like dig it, be fair and don't forget buy it.

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