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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blanche Blanche Blanche - Wooden Ball (NNA, 2013)

It's a Pop album rather experimental but also catchy, a little bit crazy but full of enthusiasm. It is very different from the previous album, it is more experimental but also more dynamic and with a production with more relief, that makes it catchier. Although the experimental aspect is very marked there is also a mattering effort to seduce the listener, bits of cute melodies, enthusiasm in the singing, fast rhythms, uncommon attractive tones, and more. If there is an undeniable work on sounds, the striking points are the over-subtle structures of the tracks and the complexity of the compositions which constantly provoke the listener. The vocal are also complex and highly varied but they are a landmark in the maelstrom of the music.

There are some links with Fiery Furnaces. It's very different from what made Fiery Furnaces, however for the female singer it's very probably a major influence on this album and some pieces are sung in the style of what was doing the female singer of Fiery Furnaces in their first albums. Another link are the tracks with multiple very different phases chained rather brutally, and the links between those phases aren't easy to pinpoint. It's not an easy album but if you can enter in its complexity it is fascinating and very catchy. It's a bit Captain Beefheart making some pop.

To listen: Streaming sites like Deezer, Rdio or Spotify. Or 115k vbr v6 preview.
To support the artists:  Buy the vinyl LP or the digital at NNA Tapes.

Where all of this is going if nobody buy the music? Be fair, buy the music you like dig.

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