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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Red Hex - Red Hex (Self Release, 2012)

The group released recently the excellent single with three tracks, Shoulda Known, on the label Negative Fun. This is the opportunity to discover their previous EP of 2012 which is a free download on Lastfm.

This EP of six tracks is a marvel, a kind of epic Garage Rock with a Punk spirit. This epic aspect comes from the singing which kills but also from a mixture of heaviness and weightlessness as an elephant of several tons dancing with grace. No no I am sober, I mean the mixture of basses which bounce and the singing often epic with a pronounced echo on certain tracks, all this gives the feeling of lightness and aerial. The dirty and heavy sound gives this massive feeling. It's an excellent style, but it's also excellent compositions, instruments rule, the singer is a killer, and the topping on the cake, there's a very interesting work on sounds. Woo huge stuff, I can't wait the album!

The EP is a free download on Lastfm but the simplest is to download it here. To support the group you can buy their new single on bandcamp, Shoulda Known. But also you can buy the Demo Collection EP on bandcamp, it includes three tracks of the Red Hex EP but in a better digital quality, and it also includes two tracks not in the free EP. And you can also buy the single Black Hole EP on bandcamp which contains two tracks of the Red Hex EP but in better digital quality. Those two tracks in the single aren't in the Demo Collection EP. The free EP includes one track neither in the single nor in the EP that are on bandcamp, it's Crawlspace.

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