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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coyote Indigo - Horning (Self Release, 2013)

This is a Psychedelic Rock album by a Brazilian band. Its sound has a lot of relief and has a very clear sound color, this isn't common in this genre. There are many parts with saturated and sizzling guitars but the sound is very clear anyway. The frequent use of echo on the voice and the numerous saturation effects from the guitars do not build a noisy, dense or psych sound, they are just tools to compose the tracks and it's surprisingly fun and catchy.

In my opinion the album has a small imbalance in the tracks order. Basically the first part is very dynamic, has energy and hangs easily. While the second part is quieter and more difficult to listen. The effect is a bit strange and makes the second half a bit difficult to listen. By the third listening of the album I changed the tracks order to balance the album, I simply put the 4th track between the 6th and 7th tracks. For me this order is more effective and more balanced, if you also have this feeling of imbalance and that it bothers you, try this order a little different.

Anyway this is a beautiful album of Psychedelic Rock with a sound approach that gives some originality. You can listen it or download it for FREE at band's bandcamp page.

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