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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maston - Shadows (Trouble In Mind, 2013)

It's the first album of Maston after two EP released in 2011 and 2012. It's also the first release of Maston on a label, Trouble In Mind. The second EP, Voyages, is rather psychedelic, but this is much less obvious for this album. In fact I have difficulty to pinpoint the genre of this album and I feel it out of any genre.

On certain tracks there's a light psychedelic touch. Often it evokes a soundtrack of an unknown movie. Sometimes there are subdued echos by a fanfare or a circus music but on a light mode which is contradictory with this music genre. Some faint echoes are from Country or Western music. And vocals often remind a 60's Pop a bit psychedelic, but it sounds more modern. However if it evokes many music genres, they are always fleeting echoes, and no track of the album belongs clearly to one of these genres.

In a way it remind me another Pop album, François Elie Roulin - Parade released in 2005 on the label Bizarbizar. I don't know why, perhaps because both are merging Pop with some genres like Soundtrack, Fanfare, old school Pop, or Western. But on Shadows those mixes are more echoes and on Parade the mixes are more obvious and it's more clearly pure Pop.

In comparison with the previous EPs the album has a denser music, it is better produced and has more vivacity. That's why it is probably ideal to discover this author a little apart. However for the fans of psychedelic, the second EP, Voyages, is probably more recommended because it is more clearly psychedelic.

It's an excellent album, it is original and of an uncertain genre. And in an improbable way, it is at the same time a bit dreamy and dynamic. Its genre is a little but not completely, a mixture of a slightly psychedelic Pop from the 60's, a Soundtrack which would be a bit from a Western movie but not really, and with lost echoes from a distant circus fanfare.

To listen: I noticed on bandcamp here, or on standard streaming sites. Or 115k vbr v6 preview.
To support the artists: Buy the LP or CD at Trouble In Mind label. Or the digital on the various standard places.

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