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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Joy As A Toy - Dead As A Dodo (Cheap Satanism, 2012)


The original idea of this Belgian group was to have fun by making an album which mixes the zombies movies themes with Pop / Rock. But in the end it's much more than an amusement, it's an astonishing success, the best mixture of this kind which I ever listened. The Italian band Goblin did same kind of mixture and their best albums are doubtless more ambitious, but they sin a little by an excess of abstraction making them a little abstruse and a bit difficult to listen out of the context of the movie for which they were made.

So this Dead As A Dodo is a mixture of Pop / Rock with sounds and music themes from horror movies, and what is great is that it's a real mixture and not just some horror movies sounds pasted on a music. And even better, it is fun, very seductive and quite audacious which adds even more spice. This is a rare album and a wonderful success.

You can listen it on Cheap Satanism label bandcamp, or on various streaming sites, I noticed Deezer, Rdio and Spotify. Or you can preview it here but at a quality only a bit better than standard streaming, and be fair, if you like dig it, support the artists and don't forget to buy the album.

To support the artists you can buy the LP, CD or digital at some specific places listed by Cheap Satanism label. You can also buy the digital album at the various standard places, not only those listed by the label.

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