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Monday, April 8, 2013

Organ Eyes - Multibody (Bruised Tongue, 2013)

This is the first EP of this Canadian band, but with six tracks and 24 minutes it's almost a short album. This band is from Ottawa like Boyhood for which When I'm Hungry was reviewed in the blog, and both was released on the label Bruised Tongue. Multibody was released at the end of 2012 as a video. But it's only at beginning of 2013 that it's been properly released through the label.

At first listening I heard Dream Pop and though, again Dream Pop, an approach overused in many very popular genres... sigh. But without to understand why, I was glued and couldn't stop listening. At second listening it was obvious, it's far beyond a classical Dream Pop. There's an intense work on sounds, it's not flashy but it's constant and it changes significantly the music. This work is on the music as well as on the varied and relatively complex singing.

This work on sounds creates touches of originality, effects creating small gaps, oddities, changes of atmosphere, or simply additional games on sounds and textures adding another dimension to the music. All this adds a lot of depth to the music but also it builds a discrete but in-depth originality.

The compositions are very good, this is elegant without being too clean, on the contrary. The music brings some energy and some power building a contrast with the more aerial singing. The result is rather staggering and of an exceptional quality.

You can listen it on Bruised Tongue label bandcamp page. Or you can preview it here but at a quality only a bit better than standard streaming, and be fair, if you like dig it, support the artists and don't forget to buy the album.

To support the artists you can buy the digital album at Bruised Tongue label bandcamp page and at a minimal price rather low. It seems that the cassette isn't available yet. But to buy a cassette perhaps you can try contact the label or the band through their facebook page.

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