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Monday, April 22, 2013

Unwed Teenage Mothers - Forever Until You Are Bones (Hiss Lab, 2013)

This four tracks EP is quite different than the previous band's releases that I listened, "Blonde Girls" LP and "If That's Love" EP both released in 2010, and an EP released in 2012 by Speaker Tree label.

It's still in Garage area but the tracks of this new EP are faster, more energetic and dirtier. They are also more Pop with catchier hooks including some vicious choirs. The result is sort of bombastic aggressive dirty Garage Pop quite funny and juicy!

You can listen it on Hiss Lab label bandcamp page. Or you can preview it here but at a quality only a bit better than standard streaming, and be fair, if you like dig it, support the artists and don't forget to buy the EP.

To support the artists you can buy the vinyl 7" or the digital at Hiss Lab label bandcamp page.

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