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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

White Fence - Cyclops Reap (Castle Face, 2013)

No matter the manufacturing context of this album, only the result matters. If there are several echoes from the previous double album, on the other hand there is a surprising style evolution, it's crystalline Garage Rock. This is paradoxical but this is really the style of this album. Not only sounds are very pure, but even the dirty sounds are more symbolic dirt and become crackling from which the slightest vibration is clearly audible, acid sounds tend to be very clear, and noise is build with textures allowing to hear any detail of the weaving.

But the most impressive element building that crystalline Garage is coming from the orchestration, mixing and production. Most often there's two lines and sometimes three lines of guitars, there's the singing and few times two vocal lines, there's the percussions and sometime a bass, and all this is orchestrated and mixed with a surprising clarity. Every instrument, every effect and every note can be heard clearly. And in spite of all this sound clarity, the feeling that it's Garage is very present. Garage fans could be disappointed by this special approach of Garage, and the previous double album had tracks with a relatively similar approach, but they was only draft of what achieves this new album which is a kind of paradox.

Personally, even if I consider the previous double album is a masterpiece unmatched by this new release, I adore this new Cyclops Reap album which is unique including when it is compared to the previous album. For sure it would be even better with fewer echoes from this previous album. But it's just echoes, each past albums had also many echoes from the album that preceded it, and it's very far from cloning. Anyway, the point is it's a great unique crystalline Garage Rock album.

To listen: Streaming sites like Deezer, Rdio or Spotify. Or 115k vbr v6 preview.
To support the artists: Buy the vinyl, CD, or the LP limited edition at Castle Face label. Or the digital on the various standard places.

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