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Friday, April 5, 2013

Walter TV - Appetite (Amdiscs, 2012)

For the anecdote, Mac DeMarco is a member of this Canadian band. It's really anecdotal because the music is totally different than the two albums of Mac DeMarco.

Some time ago I listened a lot this album and it was a shock. It is lively, dynamic and catchy but also very strange and with an excessive but heartening enthusiasm coming as well from the singing as from the music.

By listening it again with hindsight of a break of almost two months, I still hears the oddities, in fact mainly in the singing, but it seems to me much less strange but rather creative, original and varied. The strange singing became with hindsight a very original and not conventional approach.

It's a significant album, very special and full of enthusiasm, a kind of Arcade Fire first album in a Lo-Fi crazy version and probably more creative or at least more varied.

It's a "choose your price" download at bandcamp. So don't hesitate to put 0 for a free download, or to support the artists you can put the price you want. You can also buy the cassette at Amdiscs label.

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